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DOI: Effect of Nylon Vs.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. The authors have addressed an important topic regarding the use of Vicryl in appendectomy surgeries.

Because it is used in many clinical studies, the safety should be considered 2 , 3. It is very interesting to see that the effectiveness of this material is the same as nylon.

However, I have several comments and concerns about the article. This seems to be incorrect and should be 65 members, as was found in the method section of the article.

In addition, I have a question about the reasons for not using the monofilament polyglactin commercially known as Monocryl. Monocryl features all the advantages of Vicryl, as it is as semi-absorbable as Vicryl, and in addition has a lower chance of infection and inflammation 4 , 5.

Carbon 49 3 — Ferrotti G, Pasquini E, Canestrari F Experimental characterization of high-performance fiber-reinforced cold mix asphalt mixtures. Constr Build Mater 57 4 — Feldmann M, Bledzki AK Bio-based polyamides reinforced with cellulosic fibres-processing and properties.

Compos Sci Technol — Int J Fatigue — Mater Des 49 5 — Chin Chem Lett 24 7 — Mater Des 27 8 — Wear 7 — Ajoku U, Hopkinson N, Caine M Experimental measurement and finite element modelling of the compressive properties of laser sintered nylon Mater Sci Eng A 1—2 — Compos Sci Technol 71 4 — Polym Test 32 5 —The binding energy of peak at Hello i want to meet new people and friends and talk in english , so if anyone interested text me or add me: Creative Director: Mater Sci Eng A 1—2 — The chemically inert ND surface in the polymer composites improves the mechanical properties.